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the Quickhatch story

A locally owned small business, at Quickhatch Provisions we strive to offer a selection of mindfully sourced, high quality, seasonally focused outdoor clothing, technical equipment, supplies, and gear rentals. We're passionate about being outside too. When we aren't here in the shop, we're likely out there somewhere in the wilderness using the gear we sell.  Stop by and chat - we'd love to hear where your adventure is taking you.



What is the origin of our name “Quickhatch”?

The wolverine is also referred to as the carcajou, or quickhatch.  “Quickhatch” is thought to be derived from the East Cree Indians' word kwiihkwahaacheew  for this largest and fiercest member of the weasel family.

In Oregon, Wolverines have been seen in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, in the Steens Mountains, and can be found in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area here in the Wallowa Mountains.  Few in numbers and wary of humans, consider yourself very fortunate to see one in the wild.

Our logo, created by local artist Tim Biedron, evokes the serenity of Wallowa Lake over the features

of the fierce Quickhatch.

Quickhatch Provisions

100 N. Main Street

Joseph, OR

Call Us: 541-263-7504

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We support the Greater Hell's Canyon Council (GHCC).

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